Tudor, a gifted guitarist, endowed with an obvious vocational intepretation, is undoubtely a stage performer. 

His aerial and expressive music is rather sober or fragile, virbrating or imposing, warm, lucent, melancholic or most charismatic. 
The solid technical background of his interpretation conveys an utmost confidence to the musical act. In spite of this, the quality of the momentum is provided by a distinctive magnetism that belongs only to those chosen to wonder this realm to enrich the others through delicacy, affection and talent.

Outgoing artistic events

Yo soy la locura
In the sounds of the guitar, autumn is coming...
The International Guitar Festival Harmonia Cordis - Targu Mures

Tudor Niculescu-Mizil graduated from the National University of Music in Bucharest in 2010, classical guitar specialization, being taught by professor Catalin Stefanescu-Patrascu. Between 2010-2012 he studied with the renown pedagogue Carlo Marchione, conpleting his masters programme at Maastricht Academy of Music, in The Netherlands, with the distiction "cum laude". Along with his concert activity, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil is the organizer and the artistic director of the National classica guitar competition "Upcoming Talents". In 2016, he finished his Phd under the guidance of prof. univ. dr. Serban-Dimitrie Soreanu, and from 2012 untill present he teaches classical guitar at the Music Academy nr. 5 in Bucharest. His CD "Romantic guitar" was released in december 2015 and it combines the specific romantic expression and sensitivity with the interpretative virtuosity.  


Born in 1987, Tudor Niculescu Mizil began to study classical guitar at 11 years old. The pleasure in listening music and the desire to play the chosen instrument soon changed into a professional preocupation and a purpose to exist. 

In the shortest time, the solid technique, the distinctive musicality and the smart interpretation have been noticed and repayed by numerous awards in competitions and festivals held for young guitarists. 

The first prize at The Pietra Ligure International Music Competition (Italy, 2000), was only the first to come in a series of many other distinctions received during 2000-2003 at all editions of the Sinaia International Classical Guitar Festival in Romania (young guitarists section) and of the „Eduard Pamfil” International Classical Guitar Competition held in Bucharest. 

During the same period, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil obtained golden medals at all editions of the „Garabet Avachian” National Instrument Interpretation Competition and two special awards of the jury. 

The passage of time unfoiled a stage of continuous professional improvement and Tudor took part at master classes held by remarkable individuals in the guitar field from around the world: Carlo Marchione, Pavel Steidl, Ricardo Jesus Garcia Gallen , Judicael Perroy, Gerhard Reichenbach, Flavio Sala, Maurizio Colonna, Costas Cotsiolis, Ioana Gandrabur, Silfredo Perez, Alfred Eickhold, Ioseph Urshalmi, Bosko Radojkovici and so on. 

His preocupation was aimed at performing reciltals within various cultural and artistic events held in the country, but as well as abroad: Plovdiv(Bulgaria) and Budapest (the Hungarian Republic). 

In 2008, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil returns on the stage of the Sinaia International Classical Guitar Competition, this time as a student of the National University of Music in Bucharest and receives the second prize at „Masters” section. 

He performs in shows held by the Romanian Atheneum – solo and in the double guitar qvartet „Contrapunctus”, on the stage of the Radio Studio „Mihail Jora” of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation - within the Classical Guitar International Festival. 

He is constantly invited to take part in many long-term artistic pojects held by well known Romanian cultural institutions: The Village Museum, Humanitas Libraries, Radio Romania Musical, Trinitas TV channel. 

Eager to pass the others the pleasure and joy of guitar playing, Tudor is constantly working with children and teenagers, cultivating their interest and love towards various musical genres, smoothing their way in knowing the guitar – the instrument that can fill their lives with the positive vibrations of its warm, unique sounds. 

In 2010 he was accepted at the Academy of Music in Maastricht, The Netherlands where he studied with the well known interpreter and pedagog Carlo Marchione. In 2012 he graduated with the distiction "cum laude". Tudor Niculescu-Mizil is also the organizer and the artistic director of the National Guitar competition "Upcoming Talents" which is at the fifth edition in 2017. Both as an interpreter and as a jury member, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil is often invited to take part in the classical guitar festivals and competitions in Romania such as: Severin International Guitar Festival (2017), "Eduard Pamfil" International Guitar competition (2016), Sinaia International Guitar Festival (2016), Targu Mures International Guitar Festival (2016), The National guitar Festival in Buzau (2016). The CD intitled "Romantic Guitar" was released in december 2015 and was very well reviewed by the classical guitar enthusiasts. 

In 2016 he finished his Phd at the National University of Music in Bucharest under the guidance of prof. univ. dr. Serban-Dimitrie Soreanu and fron 2012 until present Tudor Niculescu-Mizil teaches guitar at the Music Academy nr. 5 in Bucharest.



Sessions are focused on three aspects:

- general notions of musical theory 

- guitar technique

- repertory

The students are encouraged to develop their own musical personality and their creative thinking. Regardless of the level of training, the learner is invited to discover the captivating sonority of the guitar through a varied repertory particularly suitable for each age and level of performance or emotional/psyhological stage of development.

The students will be encouraged to perform both intelligently and sensitively so that they can create a complete and complex artistic act. In this respect, the professor will constanly exemplify the musical passages to work on.

The technical part will constitute the necesarry amount of skills and abilities for the subsequent expression of thier own interpretative vision. 

The score will be an indispensable guide in creating amazing sound images emerged from a perfect knowledge of the elements of musical vocabulary. 

Lessons are for those who want to study the guitar both as a hobby and in a performance way. 

The session lasts for an hour and will be held optionally through Skype. 

mail: quitarissimo@yahoo.com/ tudorniculescumizil@gmail.com

tel: (004) 0745997089


For recitals or musical moments at various events You can contact me at the following email addresses: quitarissimo@yahoo.com/ tudorniculescumizil@gmail.com. Following your request You will later receive a price offer.


Masterclasses are a very effective way of professional development. Through them, the participants aquire new knowledge in thier field of interest having the opportunity to find out a possible new vision on some of the pieces they perform. The results of a meeting of this type can be really meaningful only if the student knows and manages the pieces from a technical point of view. Thus, he will be responsive to the teacher's suggestions that may refer either to a more advanced way of performing certain technical issues or to the aspect of expressive interpretation. 

Click on any event to show the details
   Yo soy la locura
The spanisch music show Yo soy la locura was held on the 24th of October 2017 in the small concert hall of the Romanian Atheneum. The interpreters were as follow: Angela Sindeli (voice), Andra Demidov (piano), Ruxandra Nicolescu (ballet and choreography) si Tudor Niculescu-Mizil (guitar). Thanks to everyone who came to listen! 
   In the sounds of the guitar, autumn is coming...
We invite you to join us, on the evening of October 11, on a musical journey where the classical guitar chords will blend in between autumn color reflexions to give life to warm and expressive musical moments. The event will start at 19.00 in the \"Carol I\" Salon of the Central University Library in Bucharest (entrance from Dem I. Dobrescu, Street no.1). Protagonists: guitar players, pupils and students with exceptional results in musical activity, extraordinary performers that will delight you with their artistic talent and expressiveness. We are waiting for you!
   The International Guitar Festival Harmonia Cordis - Targu Mures
The International Guitar Festival Harmonia Cordis from Targu Mures was held between 8-13th august 2017. The festival was attended by particular valuable musicians both from the classical guitar field and jazz or modern-fingerstyle performers. Cultural interference was extremely rich in the diversity of interpretativ styles and proposed repertoires. The guests of this edition were: Peter Giran, Duo Melis, Andras Csaki Gliga Tudor si David Orosz, Giampaolo Bandini si Cesare Chiacchiaretta (bandoneon), Katrin Klingeberg si Sebastian Montes (Duo KM), Anton Baranov, Guillen Gabriel, Jon Gomm, David Pavlovits, Monyo Project, Werner Gabor, Constantin Andrei, Stefan Trifan, Madalina Petre, The Venti Chiavi Guitar Trio, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil, Radu Valcu, Antal Pusztai, Liviu Georgescu, Arpad Kato, Fellegi David. 
   Sinaia International Guitar Festival
Between 10-15th of July 2017 the International Guitar Festival in Sinaia was held. This year also, some of the most important guitarists of the moment from all over the world played in concerts and held masterclasses. The guests of this edition were: Catalin Stefanescu-Patrascu, Mihai Cojocaru, Eugen Mang, Duo Melis, Judicael Perroy, Krzysztof Pelech, Nikolay Mihaylov, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil, Beke Istvan Ferenc, Constantin Dumitriu, Nicola Montella. 
   The national classical guitar competition Upcoming Talents
The national classical guitar competition Upcoming talents will be hosted at its fifth edition by the Music Academy nr. 5 in Bucharest, Gheorghe Petrascu street, nr. 55.
The competition will take place on the 16th and 17th of June, and the awarding ceremony will be on the 18th of June.
Amazing prizes will be offered this year by PC GARAGE (www.pcgarage.ro).
The competition will have two sections: PERFORMANCE - organized on age categories A (9-11 years old), B (12-14 years old) and C (15-18 years old) and HOBBY - each participant will compete depending on the grade they are in. 
We are very grateful to those who support this event: PC GARAGE (www.pcgarage.ro), Telegraf Print (www.papetaria.ro) and  Rapsodia musical store (www.magazinulrapsodia.ro). 
   Yo soy la locura
Yo soy la locura, a musical show based on Spanish music, will take place on the 7th of June 2017 at the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest (Queen Elisabeth boulevard, 38). The distribution will be as follows: Angela Sindeli (soprano and percussion), Ruxandra Nicolescu (ballet and choreography), Andra Demidov (piano) and Tudor Niculescu-Mizil (guitar). Surely the energy of Spanish rhythms will create an unforgettable atmosphere.
   Severin Guitar Festival
The International Guitar Festival in Drobeta Turnu-Severin was this year at its' fifth edition. On the 26th May 2017 Tudor Niculescu-Mizil held a recital at the Romano-Catholic church, Aurelian street nr. 24. At the classical guitar event, Eduard Leata, a distinguished guitar player, also played as a soloist.
   Classical guitar recital - Tudor Niculescu-Mizil
On the 24th May 2017 Tudor Niculescu-Mizil held a recital at the Music Academy nr. 5 in Bucharest, in the \\\"Constantin Silvestri\\\" concert hall. The event was very emotional and came in preparation of the concert to come at the International Classical Guitar Festival in Drobeta Turnu-Severin. 
   Rinascimento Musici
On the 21st of May 2017 Angela Sindeli (soprana) together with Tudor Niculescu-Mizil (classsical guitar) held a recital at the "Gheorghe Pastia" Atheneum in Focsani. The concert was intitled "Rinascimento Musici" and had a great audience who greeted the two artists with warm and big applause. 
   George Enescu Memorial House
On the 20th of May 2017 Tudor Niculescu Mizil held a classical guitar recital at the \\\\\\\"George Enescu\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\" Memorial House in Sinaia. The repertory included pieces composed by I. ALbeniz, L. Legnani, M. Giuliani and J.K.Mertz. The public was extremely friendly and the recital was a real moment of joy.
   We miss Eminescu
On the 15th of January, 2017 we celebrated 167 years since the birth of the great Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu. On this occasion, the National Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti organized a cultural event which gathered artists such as: Cristina Deleanu - actress, Eugen Cristea - actor, Monica Davidescu - actress si Nicolae Alexandru Mihai - actor. Solemnis choir sang a couple of sonnets by Mihai Eminescu and musicians Alexandru Mija - voice - Sabrina Diacov - voice - and Tudor Niculescu-Mizil - classical guitar gave recitals including romances by Mihai Eminescu. The event was one of a rare spirituality and emotional charge.
   Carols for Christmas
Santa Claus has come to the National Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti. The event was organized by the AFAPRR subsidiary in partnerschip with the National Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti, Diaconia Association and S. Gheorghe Church Grivita. Fifteen children had been given presents. The guitar has accompanied the voices of the children in humming the most well known Romanian Christmas carols.    
   Alfred Fronius kindergarten celebration
The festivity of the Alfred Fronius kindergarten took place on the 20th of December. Children between 2-6 years old sang beautiful carols along with the sound of the classical guitar played by Tudor Niculescu-Mizil. The moment of greates joy was the arrival of Santa Claus with his bag full of presents. Happy Christmas holidays to all of You!
   The international classical guitar competition Eduard Pamfil
Between 17 and 18th of December took place the International classical guitar competition Eduard Pamfil, at its 21st edition. The Competitors played at a very high level of performance, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil being invited as a jury member in the C (15-18 years old) and D (18-25 years old) categories. Congratulations to the organizers!
   Saint Dumitru fair
On the 30 th of october 2016, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil played his guitar at the National Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti with the occasion of a book release. The subject of the presentation was about lifeline, so that the repertory was chosen so as to express the three main stages of life: childhood, youth/maturity and senescence.
   Tudor Niculescu-Mizil - invited to give masterclasses at the Harmonia Cordis International Guitar Festival in Targu Mures
Between 10th and 15th of August 2016 the International Guitar Festival in Targu Mures was held. The event was organizes by the Harmonia Cordis Association. Among the performers and teachers invited for this edition there were: Tommy Emanuel, Costas Cotsiolis, Duo Solaris, Gabriel Guillen, Antal Pusztai, Csaki Andras, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil, Okamoto Takuya, Liviu Georgescu, David Pavlovits, Orosz David, Radu Valcu, Constantin Andrei, Stefan Trifan, Florian Larousse, Eduard Leata. 
   Tudor Niculescu-Mizil was invited both as an interpreter and as a jury member in the Sinaia International Guitar Festival - 2016
The International Classical Guitar Festival in Sinaia reunited both welll-known interpreters invited to play in recitals and to give masterclasses during the 5 days of the festival, and competitors from Romania and from abroad who proved also this year their passion and dedication for the guitar. Tudor Niculescu-Mizil played in a recital on Monday, 04.07.2016 in the same evening together with Ana Maria Iordache and Bogdan Mihailescu. The performers in the other evenings were Gabriel Bianco, Antal Pusztai and Carlo Marchione. The jury of the Masters category was formed by conf. univ. dr. Catalin Stefanescu-Patrascu, prof. Liviu Georgescu, prof. drd. Tudor Niculescu-Mizil, prof. Eugen Mang, prof. dr. Mihail Valentin Cojocaru and Gabriel Bianco.    
   Member in the jury of the National Classical Guitar Festival - Buzau
The National Classical Guitar Festival in Buzau took place on the 24th of April 2016 at the Alexandru Marghiloman Cultural Center. The competition was organized on age categories - from 7 years old up to 25 years old:
A category: for chilldren born after 01.01.2005
B category: for children born after 01.01.2002
C category: for children born after 01.01.1999
D category: for children born after 01.01.1990
Tudor Niculescu-Mizil was a jury member for the A and B categories.
   Painting exhibition entitled Steps into the light. Author: Anamirela Anghel
On the 9th of April 2016 was held the painting exhibition of Mrs. Anamirela Anghel. Paintings exposed at the event were the most diverse and they evoked both the proximity to divinity and the beauty of the nature. Tudor Niculescu-Mizil played his guitar at the beginning and at the end of the event, being succesful in creating a bond betweend the different ways of conveying feellings and thoughts by means of art.
   Romantic Guitar CD presentation - Tudor Niculescu-Mizil
The presentation of the CD entitled Romantic Guitar was hosted by the National Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti in Bucharest. Tudor Niculescu-Mizil played a couple of pieces that can be heard on the CD: Caprices nr. 2, 4, 9, 12, 15, and 33. During the event there were short speeches held by the director of The National Village Museum, Mrs. Paula Popoiu and by Mr. Vasile Coltea, prof. dr. at the Music School nr. 5 in Bucharest. The CD was released by E&E Music Production Management.  
   Longing for Eminescu
Classical guitar recital held for the Romanian National Culture Day, also celebrating 166 years since the birth of the poet Mihai Eminescu.
   Guitar Hibernal 2015
Classical guitar recital held at the Guitar Hibernal  - 2015. The event was organized by the Cultural Association Kitarodia. 
   Member in the jury of the Eduard Pamfil Classical guitar competition
Eduard Pamfil competition took place between 19-20th of December, 2015. Tudor Niculescu-Mizil was invited to be part of the jury for the C and D age categories in which participated contestants aged 13 to 16 and 16 to 25. The event highlighted the talent, the work and the dedication of all those who were on the stage,
Tudor Niculescu-Mizil can be contactes at:

Telephone number: (40) 0720788827 or (40) 0745997089

Facebook: Tudor Niculescu-Mizil (Lectii Chitara)

In order to contact me, You can use the form from the bottom of the page or send me an e-mail at the following address: quitarissimo@yahoo.com

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